Healthy Relationship Advice

We are dedicated to helping couples build healthy relationships.  We have all been in bad relationships.  We end up giving too much or giving too little.  Relationships erode and we are left with an emptiness.  There are solutions to developing and building healthy relationships.  Furthermore, there are tools we can learn to re-sculpt our current relationship.  There is no relationship too far gone that cannot be rebuilt into something spectacular.

I was in a long term relationship that wasn’t going anywhere.  We both were at fault for creating a toxic relationship.  The respect, communication, and truth began to wean.  The one thing we had was love and we never gave up.  It wasn’t easy, but we were committed to rebuilding our relationship.

We had to start over.  It was difficult at first.  There were a lot of hurt feelings and mistrust that were built up over the years.  However, once we got started it was like an avalanche.  It began to pick up steam and it was natural again.  The love flowed effortlessly and we began to trust again.

It starts by making that choice to focus on your relationship.  It is difficult but you have to remember what it was first like or rather how you would treat a new partner.  I know this sounds silly, but it works.  Start using those compliments that you stopped using.  The light touches on the arm, back, and holding hands will begin the re-connection.  Start taking time for each other and listen to what they are saying.   This is not to say that you will not argue, fight, or get upset anymore.  Normal healthy relationships have conflict; however, it is how couples manage the conflict is what makes them healthy.  If something is important to you it should become a priority.

You have come across this site because you are seeking answers.  You want to build a healthy relationship.  The tools are just a click away.  Check out my site for the solutions for building successful healthy relationships.